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Vtouch Bay Meter
True state-of-the-art in functionality. The Vtouch has up to 12 on screen selections that can be priced individually, rather than sell everything for .25 a minute. Accept credit cards and Prepaid cards. The Vtouch has audio voice to help up sell and increase time at the bay, plus instructs customers on how to properly use each function/product to get the best result cleaning their car, this helps customer retention.
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Allmacher Vtouch
Built to handle extreme
temperatures and vibrations
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Customized Bay Cabinets
Energy efficient
Low energy use
Allmacher Vtouch Allmacher Vtouch

• Up to 12 on screen selections
• individual selection pricing
• Voice audio

• Prepaid Cards
• Accept all major credit cards
• Fleet accounts

• 6.5” touch screen
• 12.1” touch screen