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Allmacher only charges one low monthly fee. The low fee covers data hosting, technical phone support, free Vcard updates,
unlimited Vcard transactions, off site data backups, and web hosting for Vcard clients. Allmacher offers a level of support not many other companies can match.
Vcard service fee
Brief description of terms of service
Allmacher encrypts all Vcard transactions between the client's site and our server. The Vcard server and all clients' data is
secured and backed up to several level one data centers around the country. Part of the monthly fee covers the cost of this.
Data hosting / security
Web hosting
Remote support
Allmacher offers clients free hosting of a website. The free hosting is for customers that have a paid subscription to the
Vcard program.
Allmacher offers remote support for multiple devices at a single car wash site for a low annual price of $110.00.
Technical phone support
As part of the monthly Vcard subscription there is unlimited technical phone support for the Vcard program for U.S.
clients. Clients in other countries must use Skype, or Viber, to maintain free phone support.
Transaction fee
Allmacher does not charge transaction fees. Vcard transactions are unlimited.
Vcard software updates
All customers that are in good standing get Vcard updates free of charge.
Credit card processing
Allmacher does not charge any extra fees for credit card processing. You work directly with the credit card processor
to make the best deal possible.