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Accepting credit cards and gift cards at a self service car wash increases sales.
The Vcard System also has prepaid Fleet accounts, which enables a self service car wash to wash fleet
vehicles and offer discounts. if you have multiple sites you can connect them together making the Vcard
good to use at more than one location. (Connecting Multiple Locations)
Vtouch Lite
The Vtouch is the state-of-the-art in self service bay meter technology. The Vtouch features a 6.5” or 12”
waterproof touch screen display, voice audio, credit card and gift card acceptance, up to 12 output functions with each function having individual pricing, reporting, ability to view sales in each bay and view individual transactions, and much more.
Allmacher Vtouch
Allmacher Vtouch Lite
CDC is the state-of-the-art in functionality. Not only can the CDC make change, it also sells cash cards. The
CDC has the intelligence to offer customers cash cards instead of just making change (using voice audio),
this creates customer retention. Customers can reload their cash cards, and check card balances and card
history. The CDC accepts various forms of payment methods, cash, coin, credit card. Through the Vcard
System the CDC has a web interface that allows for remote management. Security camera can be
integrated into current camera system.
Card Dispenser Changer (CDC)
Allmacher CDC
The Vcard program can be implemented in a couple of different ways at a self service car wash. If you
are looking to add credit card acceptance and gift cards to your existing bay meters then you can upgrade
them with the Vtouch Lite. If you want to replace your bay meters with the latest in touch screen technology then you want the Vtouch.