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Unlimited Wash Pass
Wash Card
Reward your customers with free car washes. After every ten car washes give your customer a free car wash. The card is computer controlled, so it leaves you, the owner, in control over giving out the free washes
Car Wash Loyalty
Fleet Card
Your corporate customers will like
using Fleet Cards, they can track
their car washes on line from your
web site. Using Fleet Cards also
speeds up processing the
customer, no more clip boards to
Club Card allows customers to
pay one price each month, and
wash their vehicle unlimited
Car Wash Annual Pass
Car Wash Prepaid Card
Car Wash Cash Card
Car wash Family Card
Annual Passes are a great way to lock a customer in for a year. The Annual Pass Card will automatically expire one year from its creation date.
Prepaid cards are an excellent way to sell car washes at a volume discount. For example for every five car washes a customer buys, they get a free one. Once the customer has the card they can recharge it
Customers can put cash on this card plus you can bonus their money, for example if a customer puts $50.00 on a card they will receive a 10%
bonus on their money making the card worth $55.00.
If your client has 1 or 100 vehicles you can tie as many cards as you like to one account. There are many convenient ways to reload the account. The account can be reloaded at the self service changer / card dispenser, web site, attendant at the car wash, or even by mailing the payment to the car wash. The prepaid account can be also marketed as a family plan offering discounts based on the amount of money the family puts into the account